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Northwest Coast USA

Northwest Coast of the USA 

From San Francisco to Vancouver, Canada

When people talk about their favorite route on the American Pacific Coast, most of them think of the trail between San Francisco and Los Angeles and they forget the northwest.

Less known, but no less enchanting, is the route on Highway 1 along the Pacific Coast from Northern California through the states of Oregon and Washington right up to Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada. In addition to the beautiful and wide-ranging panoramic views along the coast, the trip goes through the very impressive cities of Portland in Oregon and Seattle in Washington.

Northern California – Carson Mansion, Eureka

Carson Mansion photo
Photo by Prayitno / Thank you for (12 millions +) view

Northwest Coast of the USA 

Northern California – From San Francisco to Vancouver

After stopping over in San Francisco, the journey starts northwards over the Golden Gate Bridge in the direction of San Rafael to the Muir Woods National Monument. Northwest Coast USA weiterlesen

USA – Nordwestküste – San Francisco – Vancouver

Von San Francisco nach Vancouver

San Francisco photoWenn über die Traumstraßen dieser Welt berichtet wird, dann ist die Strecke zwischen San Francisco und Los Angeles eine der meistgenannten Routen. Nicht weniger spektakulär und interessant ist jedoch die Reise in nördlicher Richtung von San Francisco nach Vancouver, Kanada. Sie führt über den alten Coastal Highway 1 entlang der Küste zunächst durch Nord-Kalifornien nach Oregon und Washington State über die kanadische Grenze nach Vancouver, British Columbia. USA – Nordwestküste – San Francisco – Vancouver weiterlesen